Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Music Lessons at BFRV Las Pinas City.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Music Lessons


Ralph's piano lesson: Playing Jingle Bells

Jolly's voice lesson

KoroStigmatino Choir 
The Shine of Five Wounds of our Lord Jesus Christ 
Las Pinas City

Music is a blessing and talent from God. We possess certain talents that we nurture and sharing it with people. 

Ralph has Autism and he is 10 years old. He has been having his piano lessons over a year and he could really play a piano piece of both hands. Of course, the child has to practice over and over again for a period of time. The process is slowly but surely. There is plenty of improvement and at the same time the child has having fun in having his piano lessons.

Jolly is having her voice lessons. Her voice range is an Alto singing songs for weddings and church music. She will be training for her line ups as a wedding singer. 

KoroStigmatino Choir of The Shine of Five Wounds of Jesus (Administered by the Stimatine Fathers and Brothers) in Las Pinas City are currently practicing church songs for the Lenten Season and also, for wedding occasions. I am inviting you to attend mass every Sunday at 6:30pm at 364 Real Street, Talon I, 1747 Las Pinas City, Philippines. Tel No. 8014020, Fax no. 8050987, email:

A related article and history about the The Shrine below. (Reference):

Shrine of the Five Wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ

MANILA, Philippines — A sacred relic, part of the cross where Jesus Christ was crucified, is enshrined in the Parish of the Five Wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ which was elevated into a Diocesan Shrine on January 14, 2012.
Devotees continue to flock to the new shrine to pray and venerate the Savior’s relic.
The miniature relic is contained in a giant cross, placed beside the tabernacle on the right side of the altar of the shrine. It was brought to the Philippines on January 2, 2012, from Rome, after the parish sector wrote to the Vatican agency in charge of holy treasures and asked for a relic of the “true cross” to complement the faithful’s devotion to the Five Wounds of Jesus Christ.
The relic was originally owned by a family in Salerno, Italy, that donated it to the shrine, through the Vatican, which authenticated it in 1634.
The Five Holy Wounds or Five Sacred Wounds are believed to be the five piercing wounds that were suffered during the crucifixion of Jesus. In the course of His Passion, Jesus suffered other wounds as well, such as those from the crown of thorns and from the flagellation.
Let us venerate the relic now enshrined in the Parish of the Five Holy Wounds of Jesus Christ, and before it, pray for peace in the world, in our country, in our families, and in ourselves. Let us pray for blessings for the New Year.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The 2nd Performance Forum at PCI Academy


Emily played the piano the following pieces: 
In May
French Child’s Song
Chopin: Butterfly Etude
Haydn: Surprise Symphony

Emily sang the song: Tomorrow from "Annie"

Eric played the piano the following pieces:
The Harebell
Bach: Aria
The Piano Playin’ Chocolate Eater’s Blues

Eric sang the song: Where is Love? from "Oliver"

Claire played the piano the following pieces:
Bach: Musette
Haydn: Allegro

Claire sang the song: Maybe from "Annie"

Emily, Eric and Claire sang the following songs:
One Small Voice

Last May 14, 2011 was the 2nd Performance Forum held at PCI Academy. I am proud of my little ones, Emily, Eric and Claire. They performed beautifully and that every time I listened to each one of them, I held my tears back because they have improved a lot from their performance in their piano and singing the songs. 

Emily has improved a lot since she is a beginner two months ago. Now, she likes to listen to her voice singing. Eric has definitely overcome his shyness in performing in front of people especially to his father and grandfather. Claire has absolutely enjoyed her piano performance and her voice in singing. Practice really makes perfect. I have some tears in my eye when they sang One Small Voice because they sound like little angels. 

Congratulations my little ones. I hope that you will share your talents and proudly show it to the people who will always listen to you.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The 1st Student's Performance Forum

Studying Music is very different from the other subjects. It is basically a foundation of learning of the "do-re-mi..." But, that isn't so because you have to learn the basic concepts of Music, learn how to read and sing notes, learn how the art of singing and learn how to play the piano by performing it. Music is considered as a skill and talent that you have to share to the people who appreciates the art. 

I am teaching my students that Music is not just a subject but you are learning Life itself. It is the basis of building a person's character and being discipline due to practice. It is a skill that an individual has patiently enhance such a craft.

Today, the students have there Monthly Exams. There is a written exam, then they have to present themselves into singing and playing the piano both memorized musical pieces. Being pattern to my alma mater, St. Scholastica's College, Manila of the Music Department on how to have a Performance Forum. 

The students will remember this as a fruitful experience in their young life. My students at PCI Academy: Emily played In May in piano and sang the song Tomorrow; Eric played Malaguena and Humorosque  in piano and sang the song Where is Love; and Claire played Bach: Musette in piano and sang the song Maybe. Bravo my little ones. Good Job.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ralph's Piano Lesson


December 5, 2010 -- Ralph is his 5th piano lessons to me.  It is just a once a week lesson in an hour. He can now play Happy Birthday in memory. He has two piano beginner's books in piano in his lesson.  He is focused in one hour piano lesson. He is my SPED or special education child under my care during his piano lessons. In my diagnostic, Ralph is either Autistic or ADHD. He is 9 years old, but his mental age is 5.

He came to me 2 years ago with his parents and explaining me the situation. At that time, Ralph is not yet ready for piano lessons. And now, he is focused and a fast learner in our piano lessons. However, he dislikes repetition. But, I am his piano teacher and he practiced playing his lessons over and over again. Kids like Ralph has to have constant activities and he knows that he will be having his piano lessons next week at the same time and place.

My teaching methods is very unorthodox in the special case of Ralph. We have lessons in relaxation and body coordination. You could see it in his eyes that he likes the activities for him. He loves to play the piano. At this time, he plays either the right or the left hand only.

I am proud of my student Ralph in continuing his piano lessons to me. I will see him again next week and every week. 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Piano/Keyboard/Organ, Basic Classical Guitar and Voice Lessons

piano lessons

voice lessons

basic classical guitar lessons

Services: Piano/ Keyboard/ Organ, 
Basic Classical Guitar 
and Voice lesson

1 hour a day of study (preferred Sunday schedule)

Contact Person: Mrs. Sampy Flores-Nepomuceno
(Music Teacher and graduated 
Bachelor of Music, Music Education with Piano Principal
at St. Scholastica's College, Manila)

Contact Number: 
(02) 871.00.65 

Address: 42 Aurora Pijuan St., 
BF Resort Village, Las Pinas City

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day Wedding Coordination

If you want hassle free on the day of your wedding, you need the services of a day-wedding coordinator.

Fortunately, I am back in consideration for being a Wedding Coordinator. It is just a day-coordination on your special day with your special someone union in marriage.

Please feel free to email at

Many thanks and best regards,
Sampy Flores